Scripcorp owns and markets some of the nation’s most powerful, influential brands in prescription discount benefits today

From prescription drug benefits to consumers, to offering highly successful, independent business opportunities, Scripcorp has established leading brands in a number of market sectors. Each brand has been developed and positioned to appeal to individually targeted market segments. In many cases, these brands have taken hold among large audiences contributing to the Company’s quick rise in the industry.
In just 3 short years, Scripcorp brands have become the cornerstone for our success, helping save hardworking Americans millions on their prescriptions to date, while earning our hardworking Distributors lifetime, residual income. Materials for most of our brands are offered in both English and Spanish.

Healthcare Drug Card

Health Care Drug Card

The company’s flagship brand, the FREE Healthcare Drug Card is one of the nation’s leading prescription discount cards available in printed form, found at hundreds of doctor’s offices, urgent care facilities and business establishments in high traffic locations. Under the Healthcare Drug Card brand, Scripcorp processes thousands of prescription transaction claims monthly based on the hard work of our Distributors who work tirelessly to get these important benefits into the hands of consumers and families who need them most.
Español: Ahorros Tarjeta Rx

Healthcare Reform Rx


Developed as an answer to the lack of exceptional prescription drug coverage mandated in the Affordable Care Act, Healthcare Reform Rx offers deeply discounted prescription drug pricing on primarily generic medications for low to middle income families. The Healthcare Reform Rx card is delivered in digital form in an an online portal where consumers can copy, print or display a card coupon to their pharmacy staff to receive instant savings.
Español: Reforma de Salud Rx

Platinum Rx


The world’s most advanced reporting software in this industry, Platinum Rx was developed exclusively by Scripcorp to offer its Distributors the ability to track claims, commissions, overrides and other important information online, in real time, for themselves as well as the teams they enroll. This powerful interface features secure, high-tech dashboards that display data and graphs for everything from prescription transactions and money earned to the actual drugs themselves, the retail costs, savings percentages and the pharmacies where they were dispensed. A message center allows the Company to send and receive secure communications. Platinum Rx was designed to help Scripcorp Distributors use actionable information to achieve success rapidly. No other competing company offers this level of secure, timely information reporting.

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