Scripcorp is dedicated to advancing healthcare for millions of American families by providing easy access to affordable, lifesaving medications. Our cards can be used to provide discounts on 3-month supplies when insurance won’t cover it, or if customers reach their maximum drug benefits.

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Our prescription discount card programs save, on average 55% to 65% off of the retail cost of most generic and brand name medications, with savings as high as 85% and more at all major pharmacies and many independents coast to coast. Physical (printed) cards can be handed out to consumers free of charge. Pharmacy employees can provide customers with digital versions of Scripcorp discount cards at the pharmacy counter, to deliver discount benefits on the spot. To those without health insurance, or with poor insurance that includes high copays or deductibles, or without prescription drug benefits at all, these cards can be lifesaving tools to help combat the high cost of healthcare in America.

Discount Card Programs


Free prescription discount cards are now mainstream, recognized by millions of Americans as an excellent tool to bring down the cost of retail medications. We’ve all seen them in doctors’ offices and received them in the mail.; More commonly today, we see them in convenient mobile applications. But not all prescription discount cards are alike.
Our flagship card program, the Healthcare Drug Card, has become known for its powerful discounts when presented at the pharmacy counter. Unlike most other cards, we work with multiple government regulated processors dedicated to the delivery of the largest medication formularies at the lowest prices in the nation good at all major pharmacies and most independents. The cost of common drugs, both brand name and generic using the Healthcare Drug Card, are often lower than insurance copays.

Creating a Better World


As we progress toward a digital world, prescription discount cards accessed online and through handy mobile applications are now commonplace. You’ve seen the advertisements on TV and in in magazines. Mobile apps that access one or more card programs at once to help consumers find the lowest price for their retail medications at their favorite pharmacy, have become popular among millions of Americans, especially during these trying times.

But what if we can do better? Instead of just providing consumers with the lowest price for their medications at their chosen pharmacy much like these other apps, our new BetterWorldRx® mobile app, coming soon, will also allow users to DONATE $1 to their favorite charity with every drug purchase, at NO COST TO YOU!*

Other discount apps are good. But we can do better!

The BetterWorldRx® app will be available for download FREE through Apple and Google app stores in January, 2021.

Affiliate Programs


We partner with many companies whose principal marketing channels align with our prescription discount programs, allowing these companies to earn thousands in additional income by offering Scripcorp products to members, customers, visitors and subscribers. Our Affiliate programs offer generous commissions in addition to marketing support, white labeling and administrative management.

Employee Benefits


Employers looking for more affordable ways to provide health benefits to their employees in today’s challenging economy, can look to Scripcorp to help tailor the perfect prescription discount programs for employees and independent contractors in companies of all sizes. Our discount programs are NOT INSURANCE (prescription savings only) and are not designed to compete with or replace health insurance. They are designed to be a complimentary service that can save consumers thousands in prescription drug costs under a company’s own brand if desired.

Marketing Support


Our award winning marketing department is available to assist our Affiliates and Card Distributors with customization of their card designs. We can also help in the creation of new discount card brands and white label programs that help to expand the brand equity of well known companies and their products through their own branded prescription discount cards.

We also offer a wealth of promotional materials designed to maximize exposure, increase public awareness and stimulate participation in our drug discount programs. To date, we’ve helped to develop more than 100 third party brands and hundreds of pieces of literature, printed collateral, websites and advertisements that help spread the word to consumers in need of help.

Our Scripcorp intelligent back office software allows access to private dashboards that display information and real time analytics for processed prescription transactions. It is one of the world’s most advanced prescription reporting platforms, exclusively available as a benefit to our Affiliates and Card Distributors.


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